Garry & Sukhi's Horsley Towers Wedding

October 30, 2019

Garry & Sukhi's Horsley Towers Wedding.

Another fabulous day at Horsley Towers with Garry & Sukhi. The sun was shining and everyone arrived full of love for this lovely couple on a beautiful Autumn day. The guests were enjoying the wonderful grounds of Horsley Towers while Sukhi and Garry were getting ready for their special day.

With everyone seated in the Great Hall for the ceremony Sukhi and her father walked in to the room and Garry had the biggest smile which could light up the whole room.

After the ceremony we ventured outside to get a few photos of them before starting on the formal groups and then back inside for a few photos in the amazing Chapel and Cloisters which is unique to Horsley Towers Surrey.

Ben Williams (Magician) supplied some brilliant entertainment for everyone for the whole day , love working with this guy. After the wedding breakfast which had no speeches as such there was some great light outside for a few more wow shots including another great sunset picture.

It was then time for cake cut and first dance over it was time for me to say my goodbye's and leave the party.


Thank you Garry & Sukhi for letting capture your fabulous day.


Horsley Towers Wedding Photographer

GarrySukhi471GarrySukhi471Horsley Towers Wedding Photography GarrySukhi239GarrySukhi239Horsley Towers Wedding Photos


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