Sean & Emily's Wedding / Horsley Towers Surrey

October 15, 2019

Sean and Emily's day started down in Chandlers Ford in Hampshire while preparations were underway for their reception back at Horsley Towers in Surrey. Timings were always going to play a big part on this kind of day and I arrived at The Hilton Hotel just to photographer the dress and shoes and then off down the road to St Edwards for the wedding ceremony.

It was another amazing day weather wise and when I arrived at the church Sean and the guys were already for the day in their Scottish attire. After some photos outside with Sean and the guys I could tell this was going to be a fun day.

Emily arrived shortly after the bridesmaids looking like a princess , well the wedding was Disney Themed. Slightly different to tradition Sean and Emily walked in to the ceremony together. After the ceremony we all headed off to Horsley Towers to start the celebrations.

Being the first to arrive at Horsley Towers I started capturing all the details before the happy couple arrived in the wedding car. Once again Sean did not let us down with the fun aspect of the day which even included a bouncy castle so had to get a few of them on this of course.

After taking the guys off for a few photos we finished back at the front of the Towers for the group shots and then finished with the confetti shot before the wedding breakfast.

As the wedding breakfast finished there was one more surprise for everyone as Jack Sparrow arrived to mingle and entertain the party.

It was another amazing day at this wonderful venue and after the cake cutting and first dance it was time for me to head off.

Thank you Sean & Emily for letting me capture your fun filled day !!



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