Vince & Julia's Celebrant Wedding at Horsley Towers

October 14, 2019

Horsley Towers Celebrant Wedding.

I arrived at the Towers with the ceremony being set up outside which was a bit of a challenge for the flower arch to remain in place as the wind was picking up but it did not take long for it all to be in ready for Vince and Julia's outside celebrant wedding. While Julia and the girls were getting their dresses on I was busy getting shots of some of the guests and Vince.

It was not long before everyone was ready to gather outside and await Julia and the wedding party. The wedding was conducted by the very professional Steve Eggleton who is also the Toastmaster for Horsley Towers. The sun was shining and although we had a breeze it was almost welcome on such a warm day.

After the ceremony I managed to sneak the happy couple off for a few photos and then back with their family and friends to enjoy some time in the sun before the everyone confetti shot and Wedding Breakfast.

Just before Julia changed it to her evening dress for the cake cutting and first dance I managed to get them out the front of the Towers for the shot in to the clouds photo !

Another amazing day spent at the Towers and thank you to Vince & Julia for letting me part of it.






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