Horsley Towers Wedding | Dave & Lauren

December 13, 2019

Horsley Towers Wedding | Dave & Lauren

The very wet weather did not spoil Dave & Lauren's special day. Luckily it remained dry until the guests arrived and got settled in ready for the ceremony to start. Will Dave relaxed in the bar with a pint talking to family and friends I managed to capture a few detail shots before Lauren was ready to get in to her dress. Soon after the wedding rings arrived by 2 very special security guards , Lauren's nephews. 

It was then time for dad escort Lauren down the aisle and start their wedding story. After the ceremony Dave and Lauren enjoyed some time with family and friends and we then headed off the the Chapel and Cloisters for a few special photos before heading back to family and friends 

As the rain was still pouring down we did all the group photos inside , this venue is amazing for days like this as it has some much space. It was then time for the wedding breakfast which was filled with love , laughter and surprises.

Some of Lauren's work colleagues arrived in the evening which certainly livened things up and it was soon time for the first dance. Dave & Lauren then did their choreographed routine , just kidding. Once again the day seemed like a blur and it was time for me to leave.

Just wanted to say thank you to Dave, Lauren and their family and friends for letting me share their very special day !


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