Horsley Towers Wedding | Steve & Rebecca

September 17, 2019

Steve & Rebecca's Horsley Towers Wedding Story

Another amazing summers day at Horsley Towers with Steve & Rebecca. The day started with the boys chilling out with a beer while Becks and the girls starting getting ready with a glass of Prosecco. With the guests gathering in garden it was almost time for the ceremony to begin so just time to capture Beck's dad seeing her for the first time in her dress , and him in his kilt !!.

As the ceremony started Steve was feeling the emotion which was clear to see when Becks entered the Great Hall which was a lovely moment for them both. After the ceremony it was time to relax and enjoy the drinks and canapés in the glorious sunshine with family and friends then off with this lovely couple for some photos before the wedding breakfast.

The wedding breakfast speeches was full of fun , love and emotion. We finished the day on a high with a few more photos and then it was time for cutting the cake followed by first dance.

An amazing day with an amazing couple.

Thank you Steve & Rebecca for letting me part of your very special day !!



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