Some of your questions answered:

"How do we book with you ?"

To secure your date a non-refundable booking fee is required which will be deducted from your final invoice. I will also send you a booking form.


"Will our photos have a watermark on them?"

No , all the photos supplied as hi-res are without watermark.


"We want our photographer to blend in with the wedding party is this something to do?"

Yes absolutely , it's my favourite way of capturing the day !!.


"Should we back up our photos"

Yes , I always advise you back them up on a separate hard drive.


"Do you print your own album photographs?"

No. The images that go into the finished album are printed by a professional photographic laboratory using the highest quality archival paper.


"How many images do you take on the day?"

It is difficult to predict the exact amount of images and this will be dependent on the wedding party size and conditions on the day. Approximately 400 images is a good guide.


"Our online gallery has now closed, can we still place orders with you?"

Yes, you can still place orders via the photo references on the USB supplied. Just let us have the reference numbers required and I can get these for you asap.


"Can we extend the period our online gallery stays live?"

Yes, this can be extended on request. 


"Who will photograph my wedding?"

I will personally attend to photograph your wedding day.


"How long should we allow for group photographs?"

The amount of time for these photographs will vary depending on your requirements and size of your wedding party, but as a guide I recommeded you keep your formal group photos to a mazimum of 8-10 which should take aproximately 20 - 30 minutes. I will work to a pre-arranged list as quickly as possible and would ask that a member of the wedding party be on hand to help gather groups to help speed up the process. 


"How do we see our photographs?"

Within 3 - 4 weeks of your wedding you will receive your password to view your online gallery.


"How long will my album take?"

Once you have made your image selection for your album, I will prepare a draft album layout which I can send you as a pdf for approval . comments. Any suggested amendments to the layout will then be re-proofed to you by email, and once approved, your album will be ordered and will usually be ready for collection approximately 6 to 10 weeks later. 


"How long do you keep the photos of our wedding for?"

As the photos are supplied to you I only keep copies for 1 year.